The Safety Levels Of E cigars Compared to Analog Cigars

The contemporary world is slowly embracing the electronic cigarettes and learning to completely disregard the analog cigarettes. Though it has not been proven scientifically that e cigars can actually obliterate smoking, and the uncertainties that come with continual consummation of it, the health experts on the ground still highly prefer the use of e cigar than the analog cigars because of its purported health benefits. They prefer that the tobacco chain smokers to revert to the usage of e cigars so as to reduce the annual death rates.

The e cigar’s inventor who hails from the Republic of China, Hon Lik probably didn’t realize that his invention would be timely at a time like this, to be substituted for analog cigars so as to curtail retrogressive health patterns. According to Murray Laugesen, one of the top notch experts on e cigars, he asserted that ecigars are far much safer than the analog cigarettes. According to the statement he made, he said that nicotine is one of the safest drugs and is being sold as a substitute to the common tobacco cigarette.  Also, the American Association of Public Health Physicians are strongly advocating for the consummation of the e cigars.

The e cigars are also considered to be highly safe because it greatly reduces the chances of second hand smoke or creation of passive smokers. The analog cigars are considered to be very unsafe and completely hazardous both to the active and passive smoker. That’s why most sensitive areas like restaurants, hotels, hospitals, academic institutions are rendered as no smoking zones.

Last, but not the least, e cigars does not come with any environmental dangers compared to analog cigarettes. It is a high powered battery device whose function is to simulate tobacco smoking. When inhaled, it emits vapor instead of smoke and does not necessarily cause unnecessary fires that is mostly prevalent with analog smokers.  Therefore, suffice to say that e cigars safety levels are considerably high compared to analog cigars.

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